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Empowerment Tools is a service providing tools for healing, including coaching, strategies for confidence and success, and a new book that looks Beyond Organized Religion.                                          

  Mary Latela, Mentor, Soul Friend, Tutor

What are your goals? I can offer you the tools to reach them.

Do you need to complete a math course to advance in school?

Do you want to be a strong writer?

Do you want to use some simple stress relief techniques?

Are you looking for another career?

Do you want to heal after a toxic relationship or other experience?  


My experiences as a Personal Coach and Pastoral Counselor have taken me into the lives and hearts of people like you, who are struggling with life: big questions, common annoyances, even despair and disillusionment. I can provide online and telephone conferencing for individuals, and workshops for groups.   

I can teach you to use some simple techniques to boost your self-confidence, and to begin to address the larger issues that undergird your situation. These include Emotional Freedom Techniques, visualization, and Relaxation Response.

I hope that you'll purchase and read my book:

Breaking the Boxes:  An Open Spirituality, about my own journey. 



Mary Latela
Director Empowerment Tools

 Mary Latela, M.Div., Yale University
Empowerment Tools   
Mentor, Soul Friend, Tutor
Workshop Facilitator